Reaching The Nations

Join us in praying for missions! For people to be saved, connected, discipled and sent to reach others. Amen ET .  

Apostles of Encouragement to the Portuguese Speaking people of the nations and the world. They have two beautiful daughters, two wonderful son-in-laws and eight glorious grandchildren. They work out of the Chicago area, but live in LaPlata, MO.
Praise the Lord! ET

Give to Eldon and Twyla Tracy - Where Most Needed! 

The Lord spoke while Eldon was in prayer showing him this vision and spoke "I will do this in your lives." Since 1996 we have been pursuing this vision to come to pass. Agree with them for this to como to pass for the Glory of the Lord. Amen, ET.

1994 Vision of Missions Ministry for Eldon & Twyla Tracy. They have served having pastored 4 churches, taught in 5 Bible Schools on 3 continents. 12 years they served as resident missionaries in Portugal and Brazil. They have help start 5 Bible School and 13 online Bible Schools.

"The Lord always assigns us to a people and to persons." For me, Eldon, He assigned me, so far, to three individuals each one in a different field of focus. The instruction was to seek to help them. Agree in prayer with us that we complete this assignment for the Glory of the Lord! Amen ET

In 1992 the Lord directed Eldon while in Portugal to focus on these three objectives for their ministry.

Rescue Children with food and education.
Rescue Adults with literacy and job training.
Rescue Communities by training pastors, who will plant churches, build schools and medical clinics.

Please pray for this ongoing effort! We are helping 2 feeding programs, three orphanages and one FCW satellite and their orphanages. ET.

Objective One: Helping Children, rescuing children with food and education. Since 1998 we together with friends founded Feeding Children Worldwide to provide meals for needy children. ET

Please pray for these schools for staff, students, parents and churches working with them that the will of the Lord be done.
Amen! ET

Objective Two: Since 1975 Twyla and Eldon have helped 24 Christian Schools in some way to be established. ET

Please pray for the Alfalit Literacy Programs of Africa, Europe and Latin America. Thank you! ET

Objective Three: Helping Adults, rescuing adults with literacy and job training. Since 1975 Eldon and Twyla worked on the team that established two literacy programs which have developed into others. ET

Please pray for the ministries that ALA gives covering to and join in sponsoring pastoral training in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Objective Four: Helping Communities, rescuing communities through training pastors to plant churches, build schools, medical clinics and to train other pastors. ET

Please pray for our Bible School for Portuguese Students. Pray for funding and for our Director Pastor Gilmar and his family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Objective Five: Since 2013 Eldon has served as the President of our online Bible School. We serve 13 church groups. 2,500 students have taken classes with us. Praise the Lord!

Pray for Pastors Wanda and Phillip Nava who minister under Agape Zoe Firebrands a prison ministry taking the Gospel into prisons and to prisoners in the USA. For people to be saved and established as faithful followers of Jesus Christ!

Since 2002 Pastor Wanda has been leading teams into prisons in the USA. Sharing the Gospel and Disciplining the saved for the Glory of the Lord. Pastor Phillip is a Hospice Chaplin. Together they pastor a wonderful church, Peace Chapel AOG, Plato, MO. Amen ET

Please pray for The Fellowship Network of missionaries, pastors, churches and organizations. Pray that Eldon and Twyla can develop a Leadership Network in South America of Christian Leaders in the Ephesian 4:1 Model.

Eldon services as the South American Missions Representative for The Fellowship Network World Missions Department.

Since 1997 ALA has been a member and has covering with this Apostolic Fellowship. "In November of 1997 the Lord spoke to me that ALA should serve under this fellowship. ET.